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Meadow - A Modern IoT Hardware and Software Development Platform - This session will look at the extensive collection of libraries and demonstrate how they can be used to perform a variety of tasks including, getting started, connecting to a sensor and recording data, and controlling hardware based on those readings.


NDC London - .NET on Tiny IoT Meadow Boards - Join Clifford Agius as he talks about how Meadow powers his Handy project; an open-source initiative to provide high-quality DIY prosthetic limbs to folks without the opportunity to afford them on their own.

### 2021.December.10th MS Dev Summit Warsaw - Enterprise IoT with .NET & Meadow Join Microsoft Program Manager Adrian Stevens as he explores Meadow from the perspective of building real-world, enterprise-IoT solutions with Meadow.

Dev Camp 2021

Thanks for joining us at our second annual dev camp! You can find all the recorded sessions here.