USB Cables

It is important to remember that not all USB cables are created equal. When programming, Meadow uses a USB cable supplying both power and data. It is important to use a good quality USB cable to connect your Meadow device to your computer.

Some USB cables are only suitable for charging as they do not contain the D+ and / or D- data lines.

It is important to ensure that you have a USB cable capable of providing data transfer capability and that it is a good quality cable.

Unpowered USB Hub

Windows Driver

It is important to ensure that Windows computers have the correct driver installed.

Scott Hanselman has written a good blog post about how to check this and ensure that the correct driver is installed.

Deploying from a Virtual Machine

Some users have reported issues deploying to Meadow using a development environment installed on a VM.

At the moment we do not have a solution with this and would welcome any contribution / assistance with this problem.

My Application.exe Does Not Run

At the moment, the default application executed by Meadow is App.exe.

If your application does not execute, please check your project settings and if necessary change your assembly name to App.exe and redeploy your application.

Diagnosing Issues Using Meadow CLI

The Meadow CLI tool can be used to diagnose and fix a number of issues that can appear during the beta phase.

A list of command can be found in the Meadow CLI documentation.

Check Files Deployed to Meadow

Use the --ListFiles option to verify that all of the required files have been deployed to Meadow. The list of expected files can be found at the end of the Meadow CLI documentation page.

As noted above, the main application assembly should be App.exe.

Disable Application Execution

Use the --MonoDisable command to stop Meadow from executing the deployed application.

Try to deploy your application using Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac.

Delete Files

Delete one or more required files (start with App.exe) and try to redeploy your application.

Erase Flash

Erasing the flash will remove all of the files deployed to the flash storage and recreate the file system.

Deploy Your Application Manually

Firstly, ensure that Mono has automatic execution of the application disabled (see --MonoDisable).

Use the --WriteFile command to deploy each of the required files to Meadow.

Follow this by checking that the files have been deployed using the --ListFiles option and if everything looks good then re-enable execution of the application using the --MonoEnable option.


These docs are open source. If you find an issue, please file a bug, or send us a pull request. And if you want to contribute, we'd love that too!