Voltage, measured in volts (V), is the amount of force in which charge carriers are being moved in an electric current.

Common Source Voltages

Source Voltage
High power transmission lines 230kV - 500kV
North American Household Mains ~117V (110 nominal)
European Household Mains ~220V (230 nominal)
AA Battery 1.5V
USB Power 5V
Netduino Digital IO 3.3V
Low-power Peripherals 1.8V

Common Unit Magnitudes

Magnitude Value in volts
microvolt (µV) 0.000001V
millivolt (mV) 0.001V
volt (V) 1.0V
kilovolt (kV) 1,000V
megavolt (MV) 1,000,000V

Further Reading

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