< Meadow.Cloud


Before a device can enjoy things like Over-the-Air updates and Health Monitoring, it needs to get provisioned with Meadow.Cloud. This is a straightforward process with a few command-line steps:

  1. Install the Meadow.CLI using the .NET CLI.

     dotnet tool install --global WildernessLabs.Meadow.CLI`
  2. Use the Meadow CLI to authenticate with Meadow.Cloud. You’ll need to register an account with Wilderness Labs if you haven’t already done so.

     `meadow cloud login`
  3. Connect to your Meadow device and provision it with the Meadow CLI. Adding a device name with the --name parameter is optional, but will make it easier to identify your device later.

     meadow device provision --name "my device"

You can visit https://www.meadowcloud.co to verify your device has been successfully provisioned.

With a device provisioned, check out the other Meadow.Cloud features.


These docs are open source. If you find an issue, please file a bug, or send us a pull request. And if you want to contribute, we'd love that too!